So how do I do this again?

This year has been full of trials, disappointments and setbacks.  It also has been full of discovery, new friends, old friends and the promise of new adventures.   2013 has been a hard year and I don’t mind saying I am glad to see it go.

I have not written much on this blog this year.  Fits and starts mostly.  I watch the news and I watch the continuing saga of people in positions of authority abusing children or vulnerable adults.  I read what is put out there by groups trying to reform the church and I see the Pope is even offering to reach out to survivors.  I still see that the institutions that these predators work within still look at the sexual crimes and damage to actual human beings as part of a risk management calculation.  I still see legislation withering while politicians genuflect to special interests to keep justice from those that deserve it.

Last week I threw a few lines out there and the first response was allegedly from a predator wanting to taunt me and others.  The email ( was familiar, a pseudonym based on an Italian saint.  Oddly, Gabriel Possenti is the patron saint of “handgunners”.  A veiled threat, perhaps.  It would have been more of a threat if the author had spelled the saint’s name correctly.  I guess being “Mr. Oregon” in his youth (not that there is any record of that honor) did not require the ability to spell the name used for “extracurricular” online activities.  Activities that led to his pleading guilty of charges related to child pornography.  Yeah, I know you are still out there.  I know you are doing your taunting from your schismatic church.

How do I start doing this again.  I just listen to the taunting of those who think that they will get away with the crimes they have committed.  I just start looking at the new, credible allegations that keep coming.  I look at the Pennsylvania State Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman, Ron Marsico who is actively quashing statute of limitations reform.  That obstruction allows a credibly accused Catholic Priest by the name of Guy Marsico to be beyond the reach of his victims.  I think I need to research this potential conflict of interest. Is “Marsico” that common a name in Central PA?

There is still much to be done.  I guess I need to keep writing until I have more answers.

6 thoughts on “So how do I do this again?”

  1. Thank you for all you’ve done. I’m a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of a Protestant minister–a real and true sexual predator. I appreciate your heart and your tenacity. Do what you can, when you can, how you can. Thank you.

  2. It’s truly sad that institutions are in bed with each other which enable predators to abuse children for many, many years! Toledo Public Schools, The Toledo Police, and The Toledo Blade. I can’t prove it, but I’m assuming they did not work together to help lock Harold Jerry Mash up. 2 of his victims died, one of them jumping from a building in 1982. He jumped from a 17th window at Roosevelt University. I have his obituary, and another article showing the coroner changing the cause of death from suicide to “undetermined”. Did he fall, or was he pushed? Mash paved a road of destruction and mayhem for over 50 years…..because he could!

    1. I was molested by the same priest who actually took me to Ohio to do so. Unlike most instances, there should be no statute for prosecution as this is a federal Mann Act violation. Nevertheless, after reporting to the FBI, nothing was done.

  3. Jay,

    If this is a federal crime you can still pursue it.
    Don’t give up! Have you talked with a federal prosecutor?

  4. Ron and Ed are related – state rep and county DA, but not related to Guy Marsico – bishopaccountibility under guy marsico.
    “The panel’s chairman, Rep. Ron Marsico, R-Dauphin and a relative of Ed Marsico, said he wants a vote on the bill “as soon as possible.””

    Pennsylvania has so many reasons to open a window for SOL besides the Philly area priest abuse issue – don’t hear enough about Harrisburg, Scranton and Pittsburgh or enough of Sandusky, Hershey school, that pediatrician that moved from Philly to Lewes Delaware or the choir director in NE PA. The number of victims that are involved are incredible.

    Glad to read of someone outside of Philly trying to organize survivors. Ed and Guy may not be related but like too many politicians they would not pursue charges against priests because of the Catholic vote. The one priest from Philly had the charges dropped in the 80’s for that reason. Others sacrificed their jobs to expose abusive priests, still no one was listening in the Catholic Church in the late 70’s and early 80’s – my heroes – witnesses that continued to push for justice – the only reason I continued to be a religious for a few more years.


    1. Guy Marsico’s father was Herman Marsico. According to his obituary, Herman had 10 brothers and sisters, all dead. Are any of Herman’s brothers be an ancestor of Dauphin County DA, Ed Marsico or State Rep Ron Marsico?

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