Scranton Times-Tribune Coverage of the Urrutigoiry Story

An article in the Scranton Times-Tribune online follows up on the story of Carlos Urrutigoiry and his elevation to a position of authority over priests accused of misconduct in a Catholic Diocese in Paraguay.

The National Director of SNAP, David Chlohessy, is demanding the Diocese release  the files on the Urrutigoiry and the events that occurred at St. Gregory’s Academy in Elmhurst, a residential school sponsored by the Society of St. John, a religious order.   Urrutigoiry was credibly accused of sleeping with teenage boys as part of his “ministry”.

It will come as no surprise that the Diocese of Scranton will take no action and that the National Director of SNAP will move on to another press release/photo opportunity.  The dance continues and yet no progress is made.

2 thoughts on “Scranton Times-Tribune Coverage of the Urrutigoiry Story”

  1. What is SNAP’s purpose. I know they had boards for victims to post about their abusers. I also read that some victims are upset about honesty from one member and a recommendation given by another another. Also, what is the main concern? Do they support victims or are they a group that is attempting to bring this epidemic to the attention of all.

    Just to be clear – I was an Oblate of St Francis de Sales until 1982 and not a victim of clerical sex abuse.

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