The Grand Jury Report Has Been Released

The Pennsylvania Attorney General has released the report on a two-year grand jury investigation into widespread sexual abuse of children within six dioceses of the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania and the systemic cover-up by senior church officials in Pennsylvania and at The Vatican.

The following links are provided:

The Attorney General’s Press Release


Exhibits from the Grand Jury Report

The Response by the Dioceses

Link to a Survivor’s Video

All of the above links are from the official website of the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

A quick glance at the report revealed that Robert J. Gibson is listed as one of the priests creditably accused, but his case is not part of the write up in the document.  I had a screening interview via telephone when this investigation began, but my situation was not part of the Grand Jury.

Now the Church will wait for this to blow over.  I don’t expect the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will do the right thing and allow Survivors to call the Diocese to account for their complicity.




9 thoughts on “The Grand Jury Report Has Been Released”

  1. Michael,

    So sorry for you and the other victims. I watched the video of the three victims telling their stories at the beginning of the Attorney General’s news conference. I cried. I thought about you as a vulnerable young boy and what Gibson had done. Again, I’m sorry for the life you lost to that predator.

    As for Robert Gibson, did you go to page 841-842 of the report? It seems to indicate on these pages that there were 6 people who reported Gibson for “sexual misconduct.” I’m guessing that you are one of them.

    The Diocese of Scranton listed the names of credibly accused priests on it’s website. Here’s a link to the list:

    The write up here, for Gibson, is pathetic. They only list his assignments and date of death. Even though he’s dead they still can’t admit the details.

    I wrote (email) to you back on June 22 and I want you to know I found the two priests that I was looking for. Both of these priests were listed in the Diocesan newspaper, The Catholic Light in 2011 as “Leave of Absence for reasons of Health.” The diocese deceived its faithful. These priests were both shown to be credibly accused. The bishop and the diocese tried to cover it up. One was laicized without anyone knowing, although I suspected it, but couldn’t prove it until now. The other has been “permanently removed from ministry” according to the Diocese of Scranton web link.

    I’ve been going through a painful soul searching these last few weeks, realizing that no one in the hierarchy from seminarians on up can be trusted. I found Richard Sipe’s blog after his death this past week and started reading his writings. What an incredible eye opener for me. I can’t imagine what you’ve been going through all these years with no apology, no satisfaction and no one believing you. Again, please know that I’m praying for you. I pray that you get some peace and healing.


  2. Thank you, Michael. I know it’s hard right now for the Pennsylvania survivors. It’s hard for me, and I was in Iowa. Stay connected and stay safe, my friend.

  3. Thanks for keeping the conversation going! I admire and respect your willingness to share your story. I hope the AG report brings healing and outrage for what has been done and continues to be done by the Catholic church. Timlin’s actions especially seem to be more from Law and Order’s SVU script. 9 years before Houston’s truth was exposed. Be well

  4. 9 years since I wrote “Upon being a Witness” but decades since Houston’s crimes in the early 70’s. I hope your readers advocate to their lawmakers for the removal of PA’s statute of limitations which prevents criminal charges in most of the 59 cases in the Scranton Diocese.

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