Required Reading for May

I want to go a month without having enough material to put out a post like this.   I don’t think I am going to get my wish.  Don’t worry, I am used to not getting my desire. I am tilting at the Roman Catholic Windmill.  I am Don Quixote, and I am just too stupid or headstrong to give up the dream of getting some justice from the Roman Collar Criminals.

Here is your monthly dose of the Catholic Church misbehaving:

Marching orders kept Buffalo cops from arresting child-molesting priests

Native American victims of sex abuse at Catholic boarding schools fight for justice

Poland’s church sex abuse scandal becomes political

In court, Roxborough woman recounts alleged rape by priest also charged with making sex tapes

Missing and incomplete sex-abuse files spark Dallas police raid of Catholic diocese, storage facility

New Jersey law gives victims right to sue to age 55, allows two-year window on sex abuse lawsuits

Philly Archdiocese Breaks Promises

Does A New Law Give NJ Sex Abuse Victims Enough Time?

My priest was an accused abuser: The Catholic sexual abuse story gets personal

THE COST OF ABUSE | Attorneys find no shortage of clients amid clergy sexual abuse reports

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