The Church says it’s Over (*Wink*)

The hits keep coming!  Here are a few more links that may be of interest:

A link from the blog Catholics4Change: 

  5 Michigan priests charged with 21 counts of criminal sexual abuse

From the Catholic News Agency:

Indian police investigate claim against Cardinal Gracias of failure to report abuse

One of the Cardinals the Pope was counting on to work the issue. Shocking, right?  No, just another example of why the hierarchy of the Catholic Church cannot be trusted to police itself.

And finally, from WNEP in Scranton, PA: (this one really pisses me off)

Seeking Compensation After Abuse Allegations in Scranton Diocese

(If you need a link to the documents required for the ISCP just click here. I have the links for the documents at the bottom of that post. )

I am going to be working on my submission to the Individual Survivor’s Compensation Scam for the next few days/weeks.  I had hoped I would have been able to get the truth out of the “Lavender Mafia” chapter in Scranton, but I guess I will have to settle for submitting a questionnaire to see if I am worthy.  But first, I need to collect my thoughts and sort this in my head while I am visiting the Georgia Low Country.
I can’t help but wonder, maybe we should take matters into our own hands, and take our biblical justice out on the Roman Collar Criminals?

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