South Dakota HB 1104 Signed into Law

As an update to an earlier post, according to the South Dakota Legislature website, the Governor of South Dakota signed HB 1104 into law on 23 March 2010.

South Dakota is now, officially, a haven for pedophiles and their apologists. I think Mount Rushmore  and the Black Hills just fell off my bucket list.

To refresh your memory, The meat of the statute reads as follows:

Any civil action based on intentional conduct brought by any person for recovery of damages for injury suffered as a result of childhood sexual abuse shall be commenced within three
years of the act alleged to have caused the injury or condition, or three years of the time the victim discovered or reasonably should have discovered that the injury or condition was caused by the act, whichever period expires later. However, no person who has reached the age of forty years may recover damages from any person or entity other than the person who perpetrated the actual act of sexual abuse.

2 thoughts on “South Dakota HB 1104 Signed into Law”

  1. This of course is disappointing to say the least. I wrote a letter to the editor of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader which appeared in the Sunday March 14th edition, urging the agovernor not to sign this bill. One voice, I guess. Though I don’t know anyone it would directly affect, I have a friend who was abused as a young adult in a religious group by its leader, a leader I spent some time with myself. If this persone lived in South Dakota (she doesn’t) and wanted to initiate civil action against the group, she could no longer do so, here anyway.

    Good to see you tracking things out here in the boonies (and elsewhere I see) from where you are.

  2. The more I read on your website (which is extensive and well done i think), the madder I get at myself for not doing more to defeat this bill, now law. Ironically, it was a search for the status of this bill that led me to your site.

    Not that I could have done more than any ordinary citizen. The victim I know well does not live and has never been in South Dakota, and I am not really a sexual abuse victim myself. But ordinary citizens can sometimes pack a punch especially in our state where we have a very small percentage of the population of states like CA, NY, PA etc.

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