Sts Peter and Paul RC Mission/Cult continues in turmoil

When we last left our favorite  Roman Catholic Cult in York, Pennsylvania, the fearless (cult) leader, Dr. David Drew, disgraced former priest Gabriel Tetherow (who has more aliases than a CIA hit man)  and the other intrepid members of the schismatic group desperately clinging to the pre-Vatican II Latin rite were happily trashing all their detractors through the art of character assassination.   Although Dr. Dave would point out that he was being persecuted just as Christ was, he was the prime supplier of vitriol and unwavering support for his convicted perv priest.  Not very long ago he was spewing his own particular kind of venom at me in support of his convict priest.  He had declared that he had reviewed the matter and declared  Tetherow wrongly accused.

It seems that there has been a change.  Dr. Dave has seemingly broken ranks with “father” Tetherow.  It appears that there is some intrigue at cult central and Dr. Dave (the omniscient) has conveniently decided to reconsider his support and point out that the priest he once zealously defended, stands convicted of a crime. How convenient!

All references to the priest with the taste for child porn (and god knows what else) has been summarily tossed out on his ass after crossing  Dr. Dave.  Dave went to pen a note on the website to throw his darling priest under the bus.  Ah, how the mighty have fallen! You can read about all the intrigue in York at the mission’s website/propaganda portal

Dr. Dave, in his own rambling prose style laments the hit to his reputation as a result of his potentially perverted priest’s actions of late. Poor Dr. Dave! The truth that he once so steadfastly denied is now being used as a weapon against those members who dare to have a point of view other than that dictated by Dr. Dave. I really believe Dr. Dave’s reputation is sullied every time he opens his mouth or cranks out another hit piece on someone opposed to his leadership. I have to ask, what moron would use this delusional man as an anesthesiologist? I would find another treatment center that does not grant this man privileges if I required the services of an anesthesiologist.

As for Virgil Tetherow, Gabriel Tetherow, Brad Tetherow, Gabriel Posenti, or whatever this rogue former priest and convicted child porn connesuior. He is allegedly still in York with a splinter group of ultra conservative Catholics who have broken away from the Mission in York and Dr. Dave’s iron fist.

Tetherow’s Classmates’ web page has been deleted. His delusional rants about book publishing, his reign as Mr. Oregon (still nothing to substantiate his claims of the title) and his calling to be a Catholic Priest are no longer in cyberspace. I was able to do a screen grab of his page months ago to preserve it in the event of deletion.

Be on the lookout for this wolf in priest’s clothing. I wonder if Tetherow is still an ultimate provider?

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