Reform the Church?

I was asked the other day if I wanted to reform the Catholic Church.   For the record, I don’t care at all about reforming the church.  It would be easier to change the tide, to reverse the earth’s rotation, or to make time run backwards.  The Catholic Church has operated for centuries in virtually the same manner as it does today.  It is a huge money-making venture that relies on the faithful to blindly believe the rhetoric of the Bishop of Rome and all his minions.  It can only perpetuate itself by keeping those people dipping into their pockets and filling the coffers of the curia around the world.

No, I don’t want to reform the church, I would rather sit back and watch it collapse on centuries of crimes, lies and broken promises.  I would love to see it thrown on the trash pile of history where it belongs.

What I would like to reform is the American justice system.  I would like to see prosecutors at the federal, state and municipal level actively investigate each diocese in the United States for violation of the civil rights of victims of clerical sexual crimes, criminal conspiracy to defraud parishioners and protecting criminals by moving them from parish to parish or state to state to avoid prosecution.  I want all law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judges who have allowed the church to “deal with their own” fired and, if warranted, prosecuted for obstruction of justice.

I want members of the state legislatures who block legislation that would protect children and vulnerable adults or allow them to seek redress for crimes committed against them to be exposed and removed from their offices (through the election process).  It is one thing if the bill goes to the floor of a state legislature and gets an up or down vote on its merits, it is quite another for some obstructionist member of the legislature to prevent a bill from ever getting a debate.  In particular, the Chairman of the  Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee, Representative Thomas R. Caltagirone ( House District 127) comes to mind.  The Catholic church has no stronger co-conspirator in Harrisburg  in its campaign to keep victims powerless.  Tommy Caltagirone is thought to be a good, close friend of the Bishop of Allentown, The Most Reverend John O. Barres, D.D, S.T.D., J.C.L.. One can wonder how close these two unattached men really are.

I would like to see the parishioners of the churches across the country send a very strong message.  For a month period, I would like them to refrain from donating or tithing to their church.  Take the money and give it to a local food bank.  They would know that their donation was going to really help people in the community, instead of paying for the pastor’s new Chrysler 300, or his weekend adventure with an altar boy or a vulnerable adult in his parish that he should be protecting and not taking advantage with.  The money could be used to help children instead of keeping the local bishop living in opulent splendor in his palatial residence or keeping the Cardinal from flying first class to Rome to check on the wealth of the church.

I believe that the tax-free status of churches needs to be revoked.  Let them pay taxes and support the community around them.  Let them pay for the services provided by taxpayers (safety, fire, sanitation) just like every other business.  Let’s face it people, churches are really just businesses when you take it down to a base level.  Let them pay as they go and let them be subjected to the same laws that govern other corporations or businesses.

Reform the church?  No thank you!  I want to see the Catholic Church forced to pay a severe cost for their part in allowing children and vulnerable adults to be targeted for sexual crimes.  I want to see them forced to sell assets to pay judgements to victims that they have long tried to demonize and isolate.  I want to see them hurt financially and legally to the point where they realize that they cannot continue business as usual.  I want sanctions not reforms.

3 thoughts on “Reform the Church?”

  1. You’ve done it again…Said just the exact words. I totally agree and wish this could be a Special column in every news paper throughout the USA , Canada, Britain, etc., well ,you know, all over the RC world.

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