Confirmation of What I Knew Already

Returning from an event in Northern Virgina, I decided to call the Diocese of Scranton and get confirmation that Robert Gibson had died.  I identified myself and asked for the office that could help me confirm that a priest, formerly of the Diocese, had passed away.  I was transferred to another office and, once again, I identified myself and request confirmation that Robert Gibson had died.   After a pause, the woman’s voice changed, and she told me that she would not discuss the matter with me.  I asked for her name, and she hung up on me.

Not too long ago I had been assured by the Chancellor that I would be notified of his death.  Apparently, that was another hollow promise.  Shocking!

This morning, after the call to the diocese that was terminated abruptly by a diocesan employee, I sent a  note to the Victim’s Assistance Coordinator,  I received a terse response from the Diocese:

Mr. Baumann,

 Please be advised that Robert Gibson died on Sunday, May 27, 2012.    

 Teresa Osborne


                                              DIOCESE OF SCRANTON

Teresa Osborne                             

Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer   

Phone: 570-207-2216             Fax: 570-207-2236


It is amazing to me that this organization could not even grant me a confirmation of his death without misbehaving.  For them, they must be relieved that he is passed and the mistaken impression that this is over.

Can someone,(Bishop Bambera), explain to me why his staff is openly hostile to victims of priests that served in his diocese?  Can someone perhaps teach a little compassion?  For the record, I identified myself and spoke in a courteous manner to the woman on the phone who refused to identify herself.  Perhaps the Bishop should, at a minimum, have his staff trained in proper phone etiquette.

But I do have confirmation.  The Diocese still doesn’t get it.  It really is time for Pennsylvania to change the law and allow all the victims to seek to bring the coverup committed by the Diocese of Scranton into the light.


Just for the record,  Robert J. Gibson’s Parish assignment history is located at this hotlink.

5 thoughts on “Confirmation of What I Knew Already”

  1. I hope this knowledge will be a comfort to you in your healing processs… I hope you will find peace… how hard would it have been for them to add a line or two of caring words? But, as my friend said, you don’t go to the hardware store for milk and you don’t go to the RCC for compassion. Instead, we have each other. Prepare yourself for a glowing obituary- that’s what they did for the priest who assaulted me.

    1. I have been searching for the obituary on line. Nothing so far. Perhaps I need to see it, no matter what it says just to see a punctuation placed on the end of the sentence. Considering how I got the information that the Diocese was either going to run the clock on or not provide at all (they are nothing if not consistent), I am certain that an obituary will be coming my way if it exists.

      They may also know that I have caught them in yet another lie concerning numbers of victims who reported abuse by this monster. I am sure the shredder is working hard on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Of course, I can also hear the chorus coming from the pulpit in the Cathedral, “ALL IS WELL, NOTHING TO SEE HERE! The second collection today is to support…”

  2. Did you read Stephen King’s “Firestarter?” The main character has the power to give people a mental push and make them believe anything he says. The power came about as a result of government experiments conducted on him when he was a college student. The CIA is attempting to capture his daughter to study her, and he is forced to kill some agents to prevent them from kidnapping her. This occurs at a truck stop with a half dozen people watching in horror. The main character gives them a mental push and says, “Nothing is wrong here, go back to what you are doing, ” and they all carry on, oblivious to the bodies in their midst.
    Reminds me of the RCC and many of its members- “Nothing is wrong here, just keep doing what you’ve always done: pray, pay and obey.”

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