Dialed the number. Now I wait…

Since my last post, I have spoken briefly with an investigator.  I am looking forward to a more in-depth interview with him.  He initially offered to meet me here in Virginia until he realized that I was much further south than he expected.  Contact has been made.  He seems to be working a very large case load for the Diocese of Scranton, which is not surprising at all because the bishops there were protecting a number of predator priests.

I will let you know when a more detailed interview is conducted and I will pass any information that is made available to me.

If you share an experience similar to my own within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I urge you to contact the Attorney General’s hotline at 1-888-538-8541 .

3 thoughts on “Dialed the number. Now I wait…”

  1. Please keep up your blog. By a miracle of God I found it. Others will too. God’s ways are sometimes labyrinth and arterial, but they are there. I believe Bishop Timlin and my mother had a baby she aborted way back in the 50s or early 60s. Timlin would have been a diocesan priest at the time. A priest named Oppenheimer associated with the traditional fraternities in Scranton scandals of 80s and 90s found out about it and told her she could buy her way into heaven and induced my poor mother, suffering from schizophrenia triggered by severe post abortion syndrome (you can just imagine) to funnel money for the start up of his little priory in Charles Town, WV. Together they funneled money away from my business into his priory and duplicate coffee shop business called Mad Monks. Can truth get more outrageous than that? Thank God I have Power of Attorney for my poor delusional mother and can help Christ’s mother avenge and protect my own. It is time all victims, direct or secondary, join together to take out the trash in the church today.

  2. Michael,
    I haven’t visited your blog in ages and then something tonight made me check. I actually remembered your name and the blog name. It’s good to see you’re still posting. I do pray for you. You’re on my prayer list. I will continue to pray that you get justice and peace. God bless you.

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