Truth and Reconciliation

Forty years ago, I was a Senior at The University of Scranton. I had to let that set in when I was on a Zoom call with everyone involved in bringing this event together. I am heading back one more time for a conversation that I believe is long overdue.

Joining me to have a discussion on Sexual Abuse, the Catholic Church, and the Responsibility of the Laity are Kris Ciaccia from, Shaun Dougherty from the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, and Dr. Brian Clites from Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Christian Krokus and Dr. Teresa Grettano are coordinating the event.

This panel discussion is part of the Ellacuria Initiative at The University of Scranton. Their biennial theme is “Truth and Reconciliation.” Masks are required for the event.

I hope to see you there.

Note: I have inquired about live-streaming the event. I will pass along more information when I have it.

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